Garrett Speyer

Garrett Speyer

2017 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient
Loma Linda University | School of Nursing

My name is Garrett Speyer. I am 28 years old and currently a registered nurse. My wife Cambria and I live in Redlands, CA. We are expecting our first child, a little girl who is due to join our family in late October. I love being active and am always up for a good challenge.

I come from a family full of nurses, many of whom have been deeply influential in my selection of the nursing profession. Previously, I was able to serve as a pastor for roughly 4 years. I enjoyed this career because each day I was able to help high school students grow closer to God. I chose to become a pastor because I loved helping people. However, I knew pastoral ministry was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

When I began thinking of what else I could give my energies to, nursing seemed like a perfect fit due to the fact that the majority of one’s work is helping people and serving them in a tangible way. I loved working with people and helping them spiritually. Now I enjoy serving in a new context as a registered nurse, where I am not only able to help people spiritually, but physically and emotionally as well.

Currently, I work in the Surgical/Trauma ICU at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. I am very honored to be selected as a 2017 Bonnie A.C. Lee Fang Foundation Scholarship recipient.