Alina Wong

Alina Wong

2011 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient
University of California Los Angeles | School of Nursing

Alina Wong is a third year Bachelor of Science Generic/Prelicensure nursing student a the UCLA School of Nursing, a program intended to prepare entry-level nurses to care for patients at the bedside.

She serves as the President-Elect of the nursing undergraduate organization, Nursing Students at UCLA-CNSA, and is an active member of the Men in Nursing club and the nursing fraternity Alpha Tau Delta.

Alina chose to pursue a career in nursing when she realized her passion for patient advocacy as a high school student campaigning for Hepatits B (HBV) awareness both on and off campus. As the Co-Founder and Vice-President of Community Outreach of Team HBV at UCLA, she continues to promote knowledge of this ethnic health disparity among college students and in the LA community.

Alina aspires to become a Family Nurse Practitioner so that she can utilize her roles as a patient advocate to reach out to the underserved in the community and to further HBV awareness at the national and global level.