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Daniel Weinitz

2018 Graduate Scholarship Recipient
University of California, Los Angeles | School of Nursing

My name is Daniel Roth Weinitz, before nursing I worked as an executive within the corporate banking industry.  When I had met my wife, she was already a registered nurse and had helped me understand what occurred when I had walked in on the nursing team performing chest compressions on my father within the intensive care unit.  I was so impressed with her level of knowledge and wanted to be involved with making a difference for others and come full-circle to give back like those who went way out of their way for my father. My wife was my inspiration and I can only hope to achieve what she has!

With my experience within the intensive care unit, I knew my journey would take my full-circle and bring me back to where my father was, and I’m blessed to announce I have been given an opportunity to start with UCLA Santa Monica’s intensive care unit residency program.  I am currently an active member of AACN and involved with the UCLA AACN chapter. During my time in nursing school I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent our cohort as the president of the Graduate Nursing Student Association (GSNA).