Thank You to Our Heroes!

Brittany Reidy, ER RN | Palms West Hospital, Loxahatchee, Florida

Today we want to honor Brittany Reidy, ER & Critical Care Trauma RN, Palms West Hospital, Loxahatchee, Florida. Here is her story as reported by Joan Murray.

The coronavirus crisis is taking its toll on health care workers in South Florida nurses are working punishingly long shifts to meet the needs of patients.CBS4 spoke to critical care nurse Brittany Reidy about the unrelenting demands.

“It’s hard not to feel defeated,” she said about dealing with critically ill patients on a daily basis. Often, Reidy is the only link between families and their dying loved ones.

“Sometimes I have to grab that iPad and tell families I don’t think they’re going to make it,” she said. Reidy has been separated from her own family to avoid the risk of transmission. She said coworkers lean on each other trying to push through the emotional times.

“The ICU’s are full so we ‘MacGyver’ it. We are running out of supplies and making due with what we have,” she said.

It is so strained, South Florida hospitals have had to bring in nurses to keep up with the surge. The state sent Jackson Health 125 nurses last week. Memorial Healthcare System in Broward brought in 100 nurses last week, and is expecting 200 more this week Broward Health has secured several dozen nurses to fill in the gap.

Before she was hurtled into the eye of the COVID storm in South Florida, Reidy was part of a team helping survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. It was a year ago that the Category 5 storm slammed into the island chain, making it their worst natural disaster on record.

“There were people trapped in water up to their necks” she recalled. “It was heartbreaking. Yet, the people were so grateful.”

Reidy’s compassion and selfless attitude has earned her the respect and admiration of coworkers. They nominated her for a caregiver award, which she won.

“I’m humbled and feel lucky to do what I do,” she said.

When not caring for patients, Reidy works as a volunteer passing out masks and instructing everyone to cover their nose and mouth to limit the spread of the virus.

Thank you Brittany for your commitment, dedication, and compassion for your patients and communities.

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