Thank You to Our Heroes!

Aaron Malone, RN
University Medical Center

Today we want to honor Kyle McBride, an RN at Osceola Regional Medical Center, Osceola County, Florida.Here is his story as report by Lauren Cervantes from

As a registered nurse at a hospital in Osceola County, Kyle McBride is risking his health during this pandemic to keep others healthy; but sacrifices are also being made at home.

“So we decided the safest thing for our family would be to separate, at these times,” McBride said. For almost two weeks, McBride’s been living apart from his family, to protect them from potential exposure to the coronavirus. He said the hardest part of being away from his wife and four children is missing out on moments and memories. “I might miss something; I have a 19-month-old who, she could be doing things for the first time that I won’t be able to see,” McBride said.

He posted a picture on Facebook which shows his hand pressed against the glass, and his daughter on the other side. McBride said, “the purpose of that post I posted, I wanted everybody to lock arms as a community, and say ‘let’s get this over with,’ you know.'” He said, right now, this is his reality and the reality of so many other healthcare workers.

"My younger kids, they don't understand, they just see Daddy, you know, why is Daddy out there," said McBride. In terms of work at the hospital, he said it's been stressful, which is why he says home life is so important. But unfortunately, he can only destress with family via FaceTime, and pictures his children leave him on the door. While McBride works to treat patients and take care of our loved ones, his loved ones are just hoping to see their Dad soon.

Thank you Kyle for your commitment, dedication, and compassion for your patients and communities. 

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