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Thank You to Our Heroes!

This week we want to honor all the brave & dedicated nurses and staff at LA Cancer Network for their continued compassionate support of all their patients.Hear what they have to say during this Covid 19 crises


“I feel at times very overwhelmed with worrying about patient's emotions and safety (both with COVID and their overall diagnosis), my family's emotions and safety... on top of all of normal responsibilities I juggle. I find that at the end of the day, I don't have any time or energy to worry about my own. My go-to outlet has always been nature- be it hikes, camping or anything nautical. I am not sure how to redirect my outlets with these protective measures. But, after I get home and shower and disinfect, I get to spend time with my 2 year old, and that brings me the greatest joy. I think I have been somewhat able to compartmentalize my feelings knowing that she is healthy, vibrant, and excited by learning new things.”

“I reassure my patients every day that everyone they come in contact with in our office has THEIR best health and well being as their priority. I reassure them it is possible to help prevent infection and treat cancer simultaneously. I discuss that we can accomplish quite a bit of health talk and reassurance in a telehealth visit. I reassure them that we are still HERE and always will be, and we ALL get thru this together. The thing I miss the most besides faces? The comforting hugs that are part of our best medical care.”

“I reassure my patients by pointing out all our measures. It is easier to understand when there are tangible examples. I show them the distance between the chairs, us cleaning constantly. I explain while we're scheduling, that we are making sure they are safe, in the waiting room, and in our infusion room. I point out the telehealth visits, and how that is reducing the need to come into the office and out of the house. I point out our vitals measures, and encourage them to focus on at least one accomplishment or joy a day. These times can very quickly and easily becoming overwhelming and suffocating, and I try and redirect their focus on the positives. I just hope I am making a positive and healthy difference.

I now take Vit C 1000mg daily and Vitamin D. I also Take Emergen-c on the days I work or the days I feel really tired or sneezing. I try to rest since it seems I am very tired lately.” .

“I assure my patients by utilizing safety precautions and cleaning the area frequently and after each patient. This is something that will pass and we are all going through this. It is safer to stay home.”

“Before COVID-19, I did not shower twice a day and scrub every surface multiple times a day. I did not do telehealth but it has been a great addition. I did not have a full appreciation for breathing without a mask. That being said, I have seen good where it was not as obvious before and teamwork that is amazing--all to protect our patients and staff.”

Thank you again to all the nurses and staff at LA Cancer Network for your bravery and dedication to your patients.

If you have a story and pictures of a front line nurse you would like us to highlight on our website and social media, please email them to us 





  • Doreen Fang
    Doreen Fang
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    Anna Johnson
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    Gregg Kuroda

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    Randall Saldivar

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