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Doreen L. Fang

Doreen L. Fang

Doreen Fang is the Vice-President and one of the founders of the Bonnie Fang Foundation. Doreen has a fierce passion for philanthropy and desire to help others, in various capacities. She was fortunate and blessed to have been Bonnie’s caregiver while Bonnie fought bravely against cancer.

Having the opportunity to be raised in a family and community within the health care system, and the ability to see first-hand, the additional needs of the patients, while running her father’s surgical practice. Each of those experiences continued to shape and mold her desire to make a positive impact for those around her. Having witnessed years of kindness and generosity through Bonnie and David towards others; this only solidified her desire to make a difference.

Her goal is to continue to make a difference in the lives of others, and it is her hope that the small acts of generosity through BFF, that those individuals will one day pay it forward to continue the chain of kindness and generosity in this world