Nichelle Medrano

2022 - 2023 Scholarship Recipient
California State University Bakersfield  | School of Nursing


The biggest inspiration in my life is my younger brother.

My little brother JJ was born with Down Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that causes developmental delays. Ever since I was eight years old, I've made it my duty to take care of him. My life centered around him because I wanted to make his life easier. I wanted nothing more than to have him live a carefree life. Everyday after school, I picked JJ up from the bus and looked after him because my parents worked all day. When we were younger, we did our homework together because I wanted to be there to help him to learn, but I always made sure to teach him the concepts he didn't understand. My little brother has a lot more struggles than the average  child, but I have always encouraged him to be strong because I know he is able to do anything if he set his mind to it. JJ inspires me to become a better person everyday. His resilience to adversity and triumphs for learning new things has encouraged me to become a better person everyday. His resilience to adversity and triumphs for learning new things has encouraged me to help other children like him by becoming a pediatric nurse.

I want to become a pediatric nurse because I want to help children in their most vulnerable moments. By caring for my little brother and showing him how to persevere through adversity has shown me the love I have for helping other children in need. My future career choice as a nurse has fed off of my desire to help him and others. I never want to see individuals struggle, but as a nurse, I will be able to relieve my patients of their problems and make a true difference. I will be able to care for children and help them regain their confidence and strength just as I had done for my younger brother. Through my experience with JJ, he has taught me to love and be compassionate to other people. He is the  biggest inspiration behind my dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse and I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.